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The children in our homes are carefully assessed as part of a detailed matching process. 

We will consider accepting placements from any Local Authority where we  are confident that the child “matches” well with other children living in the home. As the home is designed to provide long-term acconodation for its residents, we prefer to accept long-term placements only.

This is an extremely important process, which involves a detailed review of each child’s family history, specific medical or educational needs, and references from any previous care homes. By going through this process, the Company is seeking to minimise distruption to both its own residents, as well as our neighbours.

If you would like to discuss a potential referral please contact Paul Lundie at


Referral assessed against strict internal criteria, and the other children in the home


A meeting is arranged with the child together with the manager and senior staff at the home. The team then discuss the compatability of that child with the home


The child will then visit the home, and meet other care workers and residents.


There is then a final assesment made of the child's comaptibility with the home, before the placement is agreed.

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